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Dhaulagiri Alpine Dragon 2015 – 103 Regt RA

Unit: 103 Regt RA, Bristol UOTC
Location: Switzerland, Saas Fee
Date: July 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Ex DHAULAGIRI ALPINE DRAGON was the training event conducted in Saas Fee, Switzerland during the period of 11-26 Jul 15 for members of the British Services Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition. Dhaulagiri is the 7th highest mountain in the world and the expedition will involve a 24 person mountaineering squad...

‘Tour du Mont Blanc 2015’ – First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps)

Unit: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Location: Italy, Switzerland and France. The Mont Blanc Massif
Date: June 2015
Activities: Trekking
The Tour de Mont Blanc is one of the most popular long-distance walking routes in the world, traversing through France, Switzerland and Italy as it circumnavigates the immense Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain in Europe. The full distance is usually walked in 10 days; due to work and time...

Exercise Alpine Arc – Oxford University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Oxford UOTC, British Army
Location: European Alps (Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France)
Date: January 2015
Activities: Skiing
It is now a month since the final team from Exercise Alpine Arc arrived at the shores of the Mediterranean; successfully completing the final kilometres of an extraordinary ski-journey through the European Alps. A journey which began in Puchberg am Schneeberg in Austria before winding its way through 1100kms of...

Exercise Northern Ypres Paccard – 75 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 75 Engineer Regiment
Location: France, Italy and Switzerland in the Mont Blanc Region
Date: June 2015
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
A “Very Polite” Walk in the Alps – Reservists on the Tour du Mont Blanc. By Sapper Kimberly Gee and Sapper Kofi Steele (Reservists with 75 Engineer Regiment, currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University) When presented with the opportunity to attend Ex Northern Ypres Paccard, trekking the Northern half of the Tour...

Ex Swiss Adventure 2014 – 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn & 461 (Chichester) Sqn ATC

Unit: 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn & 461 (Chichester) Sqn ATC
Location: Swiss Alps (Interlaken and surrounds)
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer), Trekking, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting
12 cadets and staff from 461 (Chichester) and 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn’s ATC have just returned from a 12 expedition to Switzerland, made possible from a year’s hard fund raising and planning, including lots of generous donations notably the Ulysses Trust and RAF Charitable Trust. The group took the decision to travel...

Ex Northern Alpenglow 2014 – Glasgow & Strathclyde UOTC

Location: France, Italy & Switzerland. Northern Alps.
Date: June 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Alpine)
An expedition has 3 components: Plan, Do, Recover…Fantasise, Criticise, Romanticise!. "We’ve climbed Mt Kenya…what next?”. That was the challenge posed by the Commanding Officer on our return from Kenya in 2013. The European Alps were closer and Mt Blanc the highest in western Europe at 4808m was a perfect ideal. The long...

Ex Ibex EMU (Dragon) 2014 – East Midlands UOTC

Unit: East Midlands UOTC
Location: Switzerland and France
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Alpine)
Exercise Ibex EMU was a mountaineering expedition that ran for 19 days from the 14th July – 1st August. It took place in Saas Grund, Switzerland and Chamonix, France. The main effort of the expedition was to summit Mont Blanc. Our unit had attempted to do this previously but had...

Alps 2014 – 1034 (Surbiton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 1034 (Surbiton) Squadron ATC
Location: Switzerland, Vallais Region
Date: July 2014
Activities: Trekking
For our 5th annual visit to the Alps with the 1034 (Surbiton) Squadron Air Training Corps, we again chose to go to Arolla in the Vallenois Alps. This is a well known, although remote high mountain centre with the campsite at 1970 metres above sea level. Camping Petit Praz claims...

Exercise Blue Patrouilles des Glaciers 2014 – Oxford UOTC

Unit: Oxford UOTC
Location: Switzerland
Date: April 2014
Activities: Ski trekking
Last year, Captain Tania Noakes, The Oxford University Officer Training Corps Adventure Training Officer and IFMGA British Mountain Guide, approached several Officer Cadets with the idea of competing in the Patrouilles des Glaciers. The race is a demanding and challenging ski-mountaineering competition for three-member rope parties run by the Swiss...

Blue Tour 2014 – Oxford UOTC

Unit: Oxford UOTC
Location: Adamello and Ortler Alps, Italy
Date: March 2014
Activities: Ski trekking, mountaineering
Challenging, isolating and inspiring, ski touring offers a unique way of exploring the mountains.  Such exploration was one of the main aims of Oxford UOTC’s Exercise Blue Tour, a seven-day ski tour through the Italian Adamello and Ortler Alps. The group of eight Officer Cadets met in Oxford on 27th March...