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Northern Equator Adventure 2014

Unit: 4 Yorks, 65 Works Group, EMUAS, and 8 Fld Coy (Para) REME
Location: Ascension Island
Date: April 2014
Activities: Diving
The expedition was led by an extremely experienced set of divers who had run previous trips to the island and comprised of members of 4 Yorks, 65 Works Group, EMUAS, and 8 Fld Coy (Para) REME. Over the course of the 14 day expedition the 12 participants gained a total of 11...

Dragon Ventura Ardeche – Ratcliffe College CCF

Unit: Ratcliffe College CCF
Location: Ardeche, France
Date: April 2014
Activities: Canoeing, kayaking
The unit set off from school with extremely excited cadets and eager parents, as they were potentially getting some respite. The travel to the Channel Tunnel was almost uneventful, barring the inevitable Dartfort Tunnel traffic.  During the first fuel stop a pool of pink fluid was under the mini bus...

Northern Jacobite Venturer 2014 – Giggleswick School CCF

Unit: Giggleswick School CCF
Location: Scotland
Date: March 2014
Activities: Trekking
High winds, high plateaus, high adventure (but low water and creative instruction) maintained the ambitions of Ex Northern Jacobite Venturer (Ex NJV).  Our now annual Scottish exploit is in it’s 7th year and is successfully delivering all five phases of a cadet’s five year development plan. Exercise Northern Jacobite Venturer is...

Falkland Adventurer 2014 – Reed’s School CCF

Unit: Reed's School CCF
Location: Falkland Islands
Date: April 2014
Activities: Trekking
On 2nd April, the anniversary of the Invasion of the Falkland Islands by the Argentinians, Reed’s School CCF sent a small detachment to go to “Yomp” across East Falkland.  After a tiring journey, which included a refuelling stop over in Ascension Islands, the party arrived to hear the ominous news...

Telemark Eagle 1 – Cambridge University Air Squadron

Unit: Cambridge University Air Squadron
Location: Hardanger, Norway
Date: April 2014
Activities: Ski trekking
This Easter 2014, after endless planning, intense fitness regimes and preparation, Cambridge University Air Squadron (CUAS), joined by students from the East Midlands, East of Scotland and Oxford, completed a 17-day expedition in Norway retracing the route of the Heroes of Telemark. The historic significance of the footsteps we followed and...

Welsh Dragon 2014 – 82 (Wandsworth) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 82, 56 and 344 Squadrons Air Training Corps
Location: Elan Valley, Wales
Date: April 2014
Activities: Trekking
Thanks to a generous donation from the Ulysses Trust a party of fourteen, (in two groups of seven) Air Cadets from 82 (Wandsworth) Squadron Air Training Corps, many from a disadvantaged background completed a demanding four day expedition to the Elan Valley in Wales. The group covered all sorts of terrain...

Exercise Atlantic Endeavour – Cambridge University Air Squadron

Unit: Cambridge University Air Squadron
Location: Ascension Island
Date: March 2014
Activities: Diving
Atlantic Endeavour was a SCUBA diving adventurous training expedition to Ascension Island in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. The goal was to develop individual courage and leadership and to provide BSAC training for six prospective ocean divers, two sports divers, one dive leader and one advanced diver, including boat handling skills for...

Ex Dragon Valetta 30 Nov – 10 Dec 2013

Unit: 143X and 49X
Location: Malta
Date: November 2013
Activities: Rock Climbing
In the first week of December I was fortunate enough to attend adventure training Exercise DRAGON VALETTA in Malta with personnel from 143 (West Midlands) Brigade.  Malta is a beautiful island pushing it’s way up from the Mediterranean, with some great opportunities for both rock climbing and open water diving...

Expedition Thar Horizon II – Changing lives forever

Unit: 282 (East Ham) Squadron, ATC
Location: Rajasthan, India
Date: October 2013
Activities: Camel trekking
After nearly a year of planning, days of fundraising, wet training weekends on Army Training Estates, 282 Squadron RAF Cadets India expedition team consisting of 20 members departed on a 10,000 mile adventure which would also be the most challenging task the cadets would have done; To refurbish a school...