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Mount Kenya Expedition – FANY (PRVC)

Unit: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Location: Kenya
Date: March 2017
Activities: Trekking, Mountain climbing
The original concept for the trip to climb Mount Kenya was sown mid-way round our Mini Tour of Mont Blanc in the summer of 2015, for which the Ulysses Trust kindly provided a grant. The FANY links with Kenya started in 1931 with the establishment of a Section of...

Ex Ice Diamond 2017 – RAMC, HAC, 32 Sigs

Unit: RAMC, HAC, 32 Sigs
Location: Hardangervidda, Norway
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
Exercise ICE MAIDEN, the first all-female military transantarctic crossing planned for November 2017, is the vision of expedition leaders Major Nicola Wetherill and Major Natalie Taylor. The two adventurous Army doctors hope that the expedition will inspire others, particularly women, to seek adventure and to engage in arduous outdoor...

Ex Norwegian Troll 2 Caldeian Adventure – Calday Grange CCF

Unit: Calday Grange Grammar School CCF
Location: Norway – Hovden, Aust-Agder
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
5 years ago, ‘someone’ suggested it would be a fantastic idea to take Calday Grange CCF Cadets to Norway for a ‘bit of Adventure Training’, 2 years later it happened, and who could have predicted how successful it would have been? Certainly the constant questions from cadets about whether there’d...

Ex Dragon Venturer Cadet Norski – Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training

Unit: Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Rjukan, Norway
Date: February 2017
Activities: Nordic skiing
Over February half-term, sixth former Jemima, a CCF cadet, attended one of the courses being offered by the Cadet Centre for Adventure Training (CCAT), which is designed to teach students the basics of Nordic Skiing on high-level terrain. The trip included an overnight ski tour and was based in a...

Western Winter – HQ Air Cadets

Unit: HQ Air Cadets
Location: Lochaber, Scotland
Date: February 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking
On the evening of 26 February 17, 11 members of Air Cadet Organisation’s volunteer staff gathered at the Inchree lodges in Onich in the Western Highlands of Scotland with the objective of furthering their knowledge and experience of the British mountain environment. Two members of the team would be undertaking...

Dragon Polar Pilgrim (SPEAR 17)

Unit: British Army Reserves
Location: Antarctica
Date: November 2016
Activities: Skiing
Ex DRAGON POLAR PILGRIM (also referred to as SPEAR17, South Pole Expedition Army Reserves 2017) first came into being over two years ago in November 2014. The original plan was for a team of Army Reserves to ski 730 miles from the coastline of Antarctica to the geographic South Pole....

Ex Khumbu Commando – Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside

Unit: Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside
Location: Khumbu Region, Nepal
Date: January 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Exercise Khumbu Commando was the only authorised Royal Navy / Royal Marines expedition to the Himalayas in 2017. The plan was for 14 Bootnecks to travel to the Everest (Khumbu) region of Nepal to trek for 23 continuous days (total yomp distance circa 350 km) over the region’s three highest...

Cockney Skadi – 3 Military Intelligence Battalion

Unit: 3 MI Bn
Location: France, Vanoise National Park
Date: January 2017
Activities: Skiing, bobsleigh
One of the more nuanced elements of military training to explain to the civilian employers of the officers and soldiers of 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (3 MI Bn), is the notion of “adventurous training”. This is particularly the case when this involves skiing! What may seem on the surface to be...

Ex Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger – Canford School CCF

Unit: Canford School CCF
Location: Norway, Hovden (Hardangervidda)
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
Thirty three year ten cadets from the Canford School CCF consumed with excitement and anticipation, together with three teaching staff and seven instructors converged on Hovden at the southern end of the Norwegian mountains on a cold clear and starry evening in February to be met by Jerry Dolan, the...

OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge – HQ Air Cadets

Unit: HQ Air Cadets
Location: Scotland West Coast
Date: August 2016
Activities: Offshore sailing
“Its 10pm now”, said the first mate, “what time do you want lights-out?” “10.30” came the response from the crew of senior cadets taking part in the annual Headquarters Air Cadets ‘West Coast Challenge’ offshore sailing expedition. Proof that the week on-board the Ocean Youth Trust Scotland ketch, Alba Venturer,...

Ex Loch Shiel Wilderness Open Canoe – Marine Society and Sea Cadets

Unit: Marine Society & Sea Cadets – Paddlesport Team
Location: Loch Shiel, Scotland
Date: July 2016
Activities: Canoeing
The 2016 Scot-Paddle with the Sea Cadets aimed to Open Canoe the reverse route taken by Bonnie Prince Charlie on his return to Scotland in the year 1745, by journeying from Glenfinnan to the sea.  The objective was to take a group of cadets and let them work as a...

Ex Golden Eagle One – 29 Norfolk & Suffolk Wing ATC Sqns

Unit: 29 Norfolk and Suffolk Wing ATC Sqns
Location: Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, Scotland
Date: October 2016
Activities: Hill walking, white water rafting, mountain biking, zip lining
During the last week of October 2016 65 Air Cadets and 23 members of staff from Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Air Training Corps mounted an Adventure Training expedition to Rothiemurchas Lodge, Aviemore in the heart of the Cairngorm Mountains overlooking Loch Morlich. The expedition provided life enhancing opportunities for young...

Ex Tiger Midnight Sun – 77th Brigade

Unit: 77th Brigade
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2016
Activities: Trekking
Steam billowing up from under snow bridges, sideways jaw-freezing hail turning your woolly hat white, sunburned noses, soggy tents and dust storms.  Lush mossy landscapes set against black volcanic ash tinged by red and green, and dark verdant canyons filled with thundering waterfalls. The Laugavegur trail is considered to be one...

Ex Dragon Gozo Eagle – various British Army units

Unit: 580 Sqn, 157 Regt RLC. SSW, MOD A Block
Location: Gozo, Malta
Date: June 2016
Activities: Diving
On the 4th June 2016 11 divers set off for the small Island of Gozo. The expedition was made up of various ranks from Private to Captain, all of whom were looking forward to progressing their diver training, refresh their skills or just get back in the water. My participation on...

Ex Transglobe 2016 – Headquarters Air Cadets

Unit: HQAC
Location: Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, USA. Canada
Date: May 2016
Activities: Sailing
Completion of Leg 13, sailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia into Gosport, Hampshire saw the conclusion of the round-the-world joint service Exercise Transglobe expedition in mid-August 2016. With the voyage having set out from the south coast of England in June 2015 it was with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm...

Ex Cockney Desert Scorpion – National Reserves Headquarters RA

Location: Arizona / California, USA
Date: June 2016
Activities: Trekking, Mountain Climbing
‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ John Muir (1838-1914) EXERCISE COCKNEY DESERT SCORPION (EX CDS) 14 June – 8 July 2016 John Muir was a Scottish- American naturalist and member of the Sierra Club, a conservation organisation which founded the U.S. National Parks – in particular Yosemite and Sequoia National...

Ex Viking Trail – Sherborne Combined Cadet Force

Unit: Sherborne CCF
Location: Norway, Stavanger
Date: July 2016
Activities: Trekking, Canoeing
This year’s Sherborne CCF Summer Camp involving 12 personnel was a trip to the breath-taking scenery of the Setesdal Valley in Southern Norway to undertake the Viking Trail which comprised hiking and canoeing phases. The aim was to enable the cadets to experience an expedition that would enhance their self-reliance...