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The Winter 2016 Newsletter Has Arrived!

Winter has arrived, bringing with it the joys of frosty morns, roaring log fires, hot toddies, and the obligatory public transport delays caused by any number of weather based line blockages. Never fear, because while you're waiting for the leaves to be swept from the line, the Ulysses Trust Winter...

Ex Javelin Kutsero – Wales University Officers Training Corps

Unit: 1RHA, 20X, 299 Sig Sqn, 534 MI Det, Army Cap Info, ARRC Sp Bn, BF SAI, Blandford, DES, DST, HQ Air Comd, HQ ARRC, Innsworth Station, PJHQ, RAF Linton, RAF Losssiemouth, RAF Marham, SPA
Location: Busuanga Island, Phillipines
Date: February 2016
Activities: Diving
Report by Officer Cadet Rebecca Seal Ex JAVELIN KUTSERO was a Tri Service Type 3 Adventurous Training expedition conducted over the period 12 Feb‐8 Mar 16. The expedition involved scuba diving activities focussed on the WW2 Japanese wrecks of Coron in the Philippines. Diving was conducted in two groups; this report...

Ex Blue Tour Dolomite – Oxford University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Oxford UOTC
Location: Italy, Dolomites
Date: March 2016
Activities: Skiing
On 27th March 2016, six Officer Cadets from Oxford University Officer Training Corps set out on an ambitious six-day hut-to-hut ski tour across the Italian Dolomites. For five of the six members, the expedition was especially challenging as it was their first experience of hut-to-hut touring. In spite of this...

Ex Northern Alpenglow 2014 – Glasgow & Strathclyde UOTC

Location: France, Italy & Switzerland. Northern Alps.
Date: June 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Alpine)
An expedition has 3 components: Plan, Do, Recover…Fantasise, Criticise, Romanticise!. "We’ve climbed Mt Kenya…what next?”. That was the challenge posed by the Commanding Officer on our return from Kenya in 2013. The European Alps were closer and Mt Blanc the highest in western Europe at 4808m was a perfect ideal. The long...