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Ex Norwegian Troll 2 Caldeian Adventure – Calday Grange CCF

Unit: Calday Grange Grammar School CCF
Location: Norway – Hovden, Aust-Agder
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
5 years ago, ‘someone’ suggested it would be a fantastic idea to take Calday Grange CCF Cadets to Norway for a ‘bit of Adventure Training’, 2 years later it happened, and who could have predicted how successful it would have been? Certainly the constant questions from cadets about whether there’d...

Ex Cabot Telemark – Bristol University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Bristol UOTC
Location: Telemark, Norway
Date: March 2016
Activities: Skiing
The 29th March 2016 saw twelve Officer Cadets (OCdts) and two members of staff from Bristol University Officer Training Corps (BrUOTC) embark on Exercise CABOT TELEMARK, a twelve day Nordic Skiing Expedition to Norway. The aim of which was for the group to become competent Nordic Skiers and gain either...